Extra curricular programs at St. Anthony Grade School offer supplemental activities to their everyday school life. Students who participate in one or more of these activities are enriched through deeper friendships, additional learning, and more social interaction with teacher- sponsors.

We also encourage parental involvement and volunteerism to ensure that each child has a positive experience and to help promote Christian values and behavior.

Stemming from a desire to create a community between St. Anthony Parish and St. Anthony Schools, a group of parishioners volunteered to share their love of Bridge with our students and formed a “Bridge Club.” Not only do the students learn the rules of the game, they are also being taught the benefits of strategic planning and how that could benefit them in other areas of their life.   Here is a list of our practice times.

Learn more about the game of bridge by visiting one of the following sites…

Scholar Bowl is a popular extra curricular activity for both students and parents! Students enjoy the academic competition by testing their intellectual skills and parents enjoy watching the fun and trying to answer the questions themselves, too.

Player selection takes place in November, with practice beginning after Christmas break. Match play begins in February with the State series beginning with Regionals in April.

For more information, please see the IESA Scholastic Bowl website.

Student Council is a wonderful activity for junior high students, as it serves as a training experience for both leaders and followers. Student Council is the student government and plans activities, fundraisers and other events for the entire school. The group meets at least once a week with their teacher sponsors and is responsible for communicating the events and generating excitement throughout the school.