Frequently Asked Questions


Updated 09/05/14

What happens if my iPad is damaged or lost?

Please contact the office right away to fill out a claim form to keep on file.Please see the above 1:1 iPad Policies and Procedures handbook for information about replacement fees.

Is there optional insurance that can be purchased?

Yes. Optional insurance may be purchased for damage, theft, or loss through Student Insurance Partners. Please visit this site for more information. Coverage must be chosen for the iPad 416GB. If additional coverage is purchased for your child’s school-owned device, the school must be notified, and damage claims must be submitted to the school office for our records. The iPad case is not covered with the additional insurance and may need to be replaced at the cost of $40.

Is there a management software on the iPad?

Yes, there is a management software called Maas360 on the iPad that allows us to push out apps textbooks, and other documents to the devices. It also enables us to adjust iPad settings such as disabling the camera, messaging, and other features to keep the device an education tool in the classroom.

Will the management software track my keystrokes, location, or watch my screen?

No, the purpose of the management software is to help the technology department manage the device settings, apps, and school-issued textbooks.

Can I download apps through the App Store app?

No. The only way you can get apps is through the ones available in the App Catalog app.

How do I request educational apps to be available in the App Catalog?

Please visit this site to request apps.

What is my Apple ID password to download apps from the App Catalog?

Sa_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (capital S, lowercase a, the year you graduate high school, last four digits of your social security number)

Will the Internet be filtered?

Yes, the Internet is filtered to keep students safe, both at school and at home through the Maas360 browser.

Why can't I use certain search engines?

The search engine students are supposed to use is

I don't see the Safari app. How do I browse the Internet?

The Safari app is disabled so that we can filter the Internet. Use the Browser app to search the Internet.

What is my passcode? Can I change it?

Your passcode is the last 4 digits of your social security number. Since that number is unique to each student, no you may not change it.

What is the requirement of the lock screen picture?

We would like for your lock screen picture to be a picture of ONLY you. This helps us know who's iPad it is by seeing the picture. If anyone else is in the picture with you, we won't know specifically who's iPad it is.